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2023 Holiday Gift Guide

Some of my favorite things from my sponsors for this holiday season - complete with my available discount codes for each brand (in the images). Happy Holidays from mine to yours!

Best Recovery Tool-

I just started working with Lagoon back in September and I couldnt' be happier to be partnered with them. The founder and CEO, Ryan Hurley, cares about me as both and athlete and a person which is something that I value deeply. As a fun side note, Ryan has also been a great business mentor to me. As a successful entrepreneur with Lagoon, I have a lot to learn from Ryan!

Based out of Minnesota, Lagoon's mission is to help you optimize your sleep to help achieve your best performances.

Personally, sleep is my #1 recovery tool. I sleep A LOT (9-10 hours a night) so I've had a lot of time to get acquainted with my Lagoon sleepwear and it's the best! The coolest thing about the Lagoon pillows is that based on your sleep goals, body shape/size, and sleep preferences different pillow styles are recommended to you. I matched with both the Otter and the Fox Lagoon pillows.

Best Run Tech-

This was my 5th year as a COROS athlete! I was one of COROS' first athletes back in 2018 so they have been the one and only watch sponsor for my entire pro career so far. Talk about support!

But honestly, the COROS watch is better than any other watch I've used (and I have tried all of the competitor brands). The battery life on the Apex Pro 2 is unparalleled. I only have to charge my watch about once a week. The watch also acquires GPS signal quickly which is very good for impatient people like myself. COROS also has lots of fun watch faces to pick from and now even comes in a dusty pink color (ooo la la).

Aside from good looks, the ability to create routes in the COROS app and upload them to my watch for turn by turn navigation has significantly lowered my chances of getting lost during a race. Fun fact: I even used this feature during the VK at World Champs this June! And now, a new HRV automatic monitoring feature has been released. This means that if you have the Apex 2 Pro or Apex, then your need for an additional HRV tracking wearable is obsolete.

COROS also released an arm band heart rate monitor this summer. This was a great add for someone like myself that wears sports bras. It stays put and is much easier to put on and take off compared to a chest strap. And yes, the HR monitor accuracy is just as good on the arm band as it is on chest strap alternatives!

Best Run Snack-

Bare Performance Nutrition is yet another new sponsor for me this year! BPN was started by Nick Bare, a US Army veteran. BPN has a wide range of supplements and recently released both the GoGel and GoBar as on-the-go endurance fuel.

The BPN creatine monohydrate, G.1.M sport endurance drink mix, and their vegan protein powders have all become staples in my nutrition routine. But I'd be lying if I said I wasn't the most excited about the on-the-run snacks.

Both the GoGel and the GoBar fueled me during my escapade at the El Cruce 100k, 3-day, stage race a couple of weeks ago. I aimed to consume 1000+ calories during each stage of the race and my trusty BPN run snacks (plus endurance drink mix) helped me get there.

Best Training Log-

You didn't think I could make a gift guide without shamelessly including my own product, did you???

I really am passionate about my Training Log + Planner and I do believe it is the best and most holistic training/life tool out there. The power of putting pen to paper and writing things is often undervalued and overlooked in our current digital age. I truly believe that using a written training log has been one of the most important contributions to my success as an athlete and my mental health as a human being. So much so, that I even wrote a blog on how I think it helped me to become a 2x World Champion!

Anyway, this is the 6th edition and I can't thank everyone enough for their support of my small business. If you haven't gotten your copy yet, what are you waiting for?!

Best Shoes & Apparel-

Saucony has my heart! I have been apart of the Saucony familyl for all but one year of my professional career. That's 4 wonderful years! Not only has Saucony been supportive of me through multiple world and national titles, they have also supported me when I missed making the Olympic team by just a few seconds, when I had to pull out of a World Championship due to injury, and when I was diagnosed with an autoimmune disease.

Many of the core people that work at Saucony have become dear friends and are people that I consider myself lucky to know outside of the wins and losses of competition. The Saucony family is one I sure am proud to be apart of and I can't wait to rep this brand (and show how great their products are) for many years to come!

Now for the shoes: I picked the Ride 15 TR as my gift guide recommendation because it's a lesser known all-terrain shoe from Saucony. As a hybrid road and trail crossover athlete, this shoe is my spirit animal. It also happens to be one of the most used shoes in my rotation. It has the comfort and and light fit of the traditional Ride with just a bit more bite on the lugs; making you ready to tackle the roads and trails all at once.

Also, don't sleep on the Saucony apparel! The new fall/winter 2023 line is my favorite yet and they have really upped their game in terms of sizing, fit, and fabric. All critiques I have had in the past. I will make another gift guide of just Saucony products soon!

Best Health Tracker Service-

This marks 4 years as an InsideTracker athlete. Over the last 4 years I have had my blood drawn 14 times using the InsideTracker service. With their personalized recommendations, ability to speak with dietitions, and easy to use app I have corrected nutritional deficiencies and other biomarkers to stay on track for peak performance.

More recently, InsideTracker has become an invaluable tool for me as I navigated a mystery illness which ended in an autoimmune disease diagnosis. Having the knowledge and bloodwork history to back myself up allowed me to advocate for myself in a medical context that I otherwise wouldn't have been able to. On average, it takes 4.6 years to receive an autoimmune diagnosis (source: American Autoimmune Related Disease Association).With the help of InsideTracker, I was able to expedite this process and for that I am ever grateful.

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